除了B2B和B2C的商業模式,近年出現的B2D又是什麼?What is B2D, after B2B & B2C?

B2D,Business to Developer,是繼B2B和B2C之後,近年興起的商業模式。當然是因為Developer市場有相當的規模,所以才有這個類別的出現。還有其他如C2C,P2P…真的要跟隨市場節奏,掌握商界的發展。

After B2B and B2C, B2D refers to Business to Developer, as a recently popular business model. Of course it is due to the market size of developers has grown significantly that this category is named. On top of others like C2C, P2P models… we really need to keep up with the market trend and development.

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