應對老闆這種提問,千萬不要分析,只要用5秒回答,完! Answer such questions in 5 seconds. Done!

上次有一個影片,講解了要「掌握基本分析技巧 醒目應對老闆提問」,同時老闆也會常問一些不用分析的問題,這個時候,就應該直接回答。但是當我們不懂回答時,怎麼辦呢?影片中介紹了2個標準回應,也提出了2個Don’ts。看你是否拳握得到!

Previous video talks about “Smart answer to boss, by analytical skills”.  At the same time, boss often asks something that requires no analysis. In this case, you should answer directly. However, in event we cannot answer right the way, what we can do? There are 2 standard responses and 2 don’ts in the video. See if you can learn it!

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