搵工迷思:如何選擇適合自己的行業?介紹2個好用的方法!What industry is right for me?

在搵工的你,正在思考什麼行業適合自己? 以往常聽到和常用的方法:「想想自己適合對人,還是對文件/電腦… 或喜歡規律化的工作…」可惜,這些方法在現今時代已經不合用了。 這次介紹兩個基本思考模式,也是兩個不同的方向,希望給你一些靈感和啟發。

If you are finding a new job, do you wonder what industry is right for you? In the past, we heard of some guidelines: “Consider if you like to work with people, computer or documents… or you like stable and routine work…” Unfortunately, these approaches are not applicable in current business context. The 2 thinking methods in this video, in 2 different directions, would give you some inspirations in finding a new job.

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