期望管理,是「管理上司」的好方法,也要用於「向下管理」!Expectation Management – Boss Management (EP3)

繼續之前的兩課 Boss Management👇🏻,今次算是第三課吧! 這個「期望管理」方法,固然要好好用於「管理上司」,同時應該善用於其他人!

Further to previous 2 episodes of Boss Management👇🏻, this is regarded as EP3! Watch video and make good use of “Expectation Management” in managing your boss, as well as people around you!

EP1 如何應付「每事問」的上司? Boss Management EP1: How to handle a Boss who asks everything? 

EP2 如何應付「不聞不問」的上司? Boss Management EP2: How to handle a Boss who asks nothing? 

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