IoT是物又是網?技術已經溶入生活,之後的發展甚至不願多想?Internet of Things is already in our life

現今許多IT的術語,都會用在商業上,今次由「物聯網 IoT Internet of Things」說起。由文字,說到一般應用,再說到不敢想像的用途。你希望這個技術加快發展嗎?我倒覺得不妨慢慢來🙄

Many IT jargons are used in business circumstances. In this video, I talk about “IoT Internet of Things” from the wording, to its application, to the future development that I do not want to imagine. Would you like this technology developed faster and deployed earlier? Well, I don’t mind a slow development though.

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