現代管理學「走動管理」的目的?有效嗎?The use and effectiveness of Management by Walking Around

原本想說一個老舊但經典的管理方法 Management by Objective (MBO),但是實在太老生常談,再說價值不大。不如說 Management by Walking Around (MBWA) 這個比較現代一點的管理方法,還比較有意思。看完影片,分享一下你有沒有實踐過,又有效嗎?或者,你的老闆有走到你旁邊跟你說話嗎,情況如何?

Instead of repeating the classic old theory, Management by Objective (MBO), this younger one, Management by Walking Around (MBWA) is more interesting and more meaningful. Watch video and share with me your practical experience and any positive effect? Or, have your management walked to your side and talk to you, and what have happened then?

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