那些年,我在SARS期間,被裁員之後… My layoff experience during SARS

被裁員而失業,我試過,我真的試過!不過,大家環境不一樣,丟了工作對每個人的影響都不同。今次Chit Chat分享一下我當年的經歷,少年不知愁滋味。也可能是,回顧過去,只記得正面的事物,心理學會形容這是人類生存的本能。畢竟沒有事情是絕對的好與壞,正在經歷失業的朋友,祝願你可以再創出一片天,加油!

Layoff and being unemployed, I have been there, really! Having said that, everyone experiences different situations. Losing a job has different impact to each one of us. In this Chit Chat video, I shared my layoff experience. Maybe young people are more worry-free, maybe we remember positive things in our memory, that Psychologists describe this human’s basic instinct. I believe there is no absolute good or bad in an incident. To those experiencing hardship, trust you can create a better future. Keep fighting!

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