令你辭職的原因是什麼?最近市道差,轉工有更大風險嗎?Quit the job NOW in poor economy? A difficult call!

人望高處,不是在公司內部尋求晉升,就是在市場找機會。辭職一般都是先出現push factors,影響你的又是什麼?同時,每次的轉變,都有不確定性,在市道淡靜的時勢,考慮轉工更加苦惱。看影片,參考一下我的看法,然後留言分享你的看法啦!

We all strive for better job, better salary, better life. Either in same company or in the market. There are usually push factors that make us find a new job. What are your push factors? At the same time, changes come with uncertainties. In recent poor economy, finding a new job or not becomes a difficult decision. Watch video to learn my views, and then leave your comment to share your view!

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