2個CV技巧,為你贏得面試機會!2 elements in CV to win you an interview opportunity!

準備一個有用的CV,永遠要從它的受眾角度出發,意思是要了解HR在招聘過程中,會如何看應徵者的CV。說到底,就是形象 (Image) 和印象 (Impression)。不錯,又是一個藝術和科學的結合的例子。

看完影片,再用HR的角度,審視自己的CV,想像一下它帶為你映出一個什麼印象! PS. 順道回應一些朋友的疑惑:要放社交媒體和照片在CV內嗎?

To develop a CV that works, always see it from audience perspective. That means, we should understand how HR view candidates’ CVs in the recruitment process. All in all, it’s Image and Impression. Right, it is another example of combining Art and Science.

Watch video and then revisit our own CV, to figure out what image/impression it portrays to others! PS. Also respond to a commo question: Should we put social media profiles and photo in CV?

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