從「PUI PUI 天竺鼠車車」說起😍 不只減壓和治癒,懂得欣賞日本製作人的用心精細,還可以學返工 🐹🚗”Pui Pui Molcar”

放鬆心情看可愛的「PUI PUI 天竺鼠車車」,可以減壓又治癒。細心欣賞每集的簡約命題、有效的說故事能力、嚴謹細緻的誠意製作,有沒有給你一點啟發?

It is relaxing and comforting to watch “Pui Pui Molcar” with a leisure mind. If you pay attention to the concise theme lines, effective story-telling and delicate production, you may further be inspired. What you think?

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