財務獨立 提早退休 (FIRE🔥) 都是打工仔的夢想吧😆我現在是這個狀態嗎?分享一下我對FIRE的看法 | I’m FIRE? My view?

朋友問我是否「財務獨立 提早退休」FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early),我鑽牛角尖,偏要分開「財務獨立」 Financial Independence 和 「財務自由」Financial Freedom 來看。至於退休嘛,有誰會嫌早?你又有什麼看法,留言分享一下!

A friend of mine asks me if I am in the stage of FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early). I am stubborn enough to distinguish Financial Independence and Financial Freedom. Retirement is never early, isn’t it? Do share with me your comment!

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