掌握基本分析技巧 醒目應對老闆提問 (Smart answer to boss, by analytical skills)

大學 (起碼Amy讀書的年代) 不會教的職場技巧,如果掌握得到,會令人刮目相看!簡而言之,問題是好壞、高低、快慢、平貴等等,不是反應快馬上回答就一定好。老細 / 老闆要知的,是如何分析眼前狀況,以便規劃將來!回答中有思考、有道理,才有意思!

Analytical skills that university curriculum does not include (possibly those days when Amy study). Watch video to acquire the skills and impress others! In short, for questions about good or bad, high or low, fast or slow, expensive or cheap, etc., a quick immediate answer may not be a good answer. Boss likes to know how to analyze current situation for future planning! Well-thought answers with good reasoning would be most meaningful!

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