廣告初哥犯錯的深刻經歷 | 學海無涯 (Unforgettable mistake in advertising agency | Lessons learnt)

看完這個影片,你會發現,頻頻出錯的 Amy 始終沒有被炒,真是奇蹟!對於無比耐性,給予工作機會的人,Amy 心存感恩。還好 Amy 在一段時間之後,處事成熟了也沒有再這樣犯錯。然後醒悟,年輕時遇些錯敗,是好事!

You would think that it is a miracle that Amy was not fired after those mistakes! For those who are so patient and offer job opportunities, Amy is grateful. Fortunately Amy has grown up and no such mistakes. Amy realized that it is good to encounter failures at young age!

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