節日快樂!分享 Amy 的心路歷程,Amy be Career是如何誕生,回顧與展望!(Season’s Greetings! Why “Amy be Career”?)


– 這是本人有生以來「最長」的影片 – 這是本人有生以來首個「一鏡到底」的影片

– 已經是用 voice-typing 和 software program 打字幕 (233行!),也花了一整天

– 感謝大家忍耐「甩甩咳咳」的講話 – 之前覺得未是時候介紹人訂閱,現在覺得比較可以了

– Amy be Career 是送給自己的生日、聖誕、新年禮物

– 有夢想又有機會向夢想進發的人,是幸福的

What I talk about behind the scene,

– This is the longest video in my life –

This is the first “shoot-in-1-take” video in my life

– Spent a day for subtitles (233 lines!), even I use voice-typing and software program

– Thanks for tolerating my “stammering”

– Felt not ready to invite people to subscribe this channel, now it’s more ready

– Amy be Career is a my Birthday, Christmas and New Year present to myself

– Having a dream and having the chance to work towards it, make a happy person

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