在廣告公司內,職位稱為 Art Director 的美術指導是一個重要的初級職位。Art Director 的工作是給予 art direction,包括每一個廣告的構思、設計、排版、用色等等,都要靠 Art Director 的指導,令廣告增加吸引力。但是,在同一個部門內,還有比 Art Director 更高級的 Creative Director 創意總監。這意味著即使在同一個部門中,也有不同級別的 Director。因此,從職銜就無法判斷一個人在公司或行業中的地位和經驗。

另外,職銜還可能受到地域因素的影響。例如,在香港,Officer 和 Executive 在一般公司內都不是很高級的職位,中文會翻譯為主任。但在國內,主任是備受尊敬的高級職位。因此,在不同的地區,同樣的職銜可能會有不同的含義。


In modern society, job titles are a symbol of one’s identity in the workplace. Job titles not only represent a person’s position, but also their status within a company or industry. However, the meaning of job titles may vary in different industries or regions, which can lead to misunderstandings and biased evaluations.

In advertising agencies, the position of Art Director is an important yet junior one. An Art Director’s job is to provide art directions, including the conceptualization, design, layout, color schemes, and more for each advertisement, all of which rely on the Art Director’s guidance to make the advertisement more attractive. However, within the same department, there is also a higher-level position than Art Director, known as the Creative Director. This means that even within the same department, there are different levels of Directors. Therefore, job titles cannot fully determine a person’s status and experience within a company or industry.

Furthermore, job titles may also be affected by regional factors. For example, in Hong Kong, Officer and Executive are not very high-level positions in general companies and usually supervise 1-2 staff. However, in Mainland China, Officer is a highly respected senior position. Therefore, the same job title may have different meanings in different regions.

From this, it can be seen that job titles are only a symbol of one’s identity in the workplace and cannot fully represent a person’s status and experience within a company or industry. When evaluating a person, their actual performance and achievements should be considered to assess their abilities and value.

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